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OUT 13/3/2020


And finally the new full-lenght by GOTTHARD is out, the 4th with NIC MAEDER on vocals, and it’s entitled #13.

First two thoughts about are that this album shows the best vocals’ outcome with NIC, the second is that the experience with Coreleoni, where Leo Leoni seems to have so much fun, was helpful to give a more rockin’ shape to this new fatigue.

And no shortage of surprises: cover of S.O.S. by ABBA and a partnership with legendary FRANCIS ROSSI (STATUS QUO) in MISSTERIA.

We like to to remember the classic Hard Rock vibe of brilliant BAD NEWS and EVERY TIME I DIE, the melody of BETTER THAN LOVE, the rhythm of SAVE THE DATE or fancy arpeggio followed by the piano which opens soft MARRY YOU.

All great songs, a sound that confirmed the level of previous SILVER, maybe missing some aces which raise this platter to an upper level.


Bad News

Every Time I Die


10.000 Faces


Another Last Time

Better Than Love

Save The Date

Marry You

Man On A Mission

No Time To Cry

I Can Say I'm Sorry

Rescue Me

No Time To Cry (Demo Version)

I Can Say I'm Sorry (Piano Version)

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