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BAND George Tsalikis


LABEL Pure Steel Records

OUT March 25th, 2021


George Tsalikis, well-known from his days at GOTHIC KNIGHTS in the first slice of 1990s; since then he is the founding member of ZANDELLE.

In addition, the American singer already was out in 2016 with his first solo work, a vampire themed concept album titled ´The Sacrifice´.

After he has signed a worldwide record deal with Pure Steel Records, he will be releasing his new solo album called ´Return To Power´, available on March 26th.

As the album title suggests, George Tsalikis is back in power metal with American influences on this new platter.

The compositions sound like classic heavy metal delivering a great anthem factor of the masters voice.

LIVE TO RIDE is the first shot that hit us with its strong riffing, enhanced by pressing drums, roaring bass lines and vocals on high tones; the production is powerful and exalts sound.

In THE CHASE the riffing is sharper, rounded by keyboards in background, but we can find different solutions making interesting the track.

A “progressive soul” also visible in DEHUMANIZED, while BURDEN OF PROOF, opened by a fancy piano, is another smart song enriched by gorgeous solo parts.

In TOGETHER WE RISE, one of our favorite, are clear Maiden’s influences, while STAND MY GROUND shines as never before.

In IN MEMORY we can find epic inspiration of DIO, followed by THE DEMON BARBER, a bit darker.

Last two aces are MASTERS OF THE SKY, where power Hm elements prevail, and THE DRAGON HAS FALLEN, a grandiloquent and rich song that ends in the best way this great platter.


1. Live To Ride

2. The Chase

3. Dehumanized

4. Burden Of Proof

5. Together We Rise

6. Stand My Ground

7. In Memory

8. The Demon Barber

9. Master Of The Sky

10. The Dragon Has Fallen


George Tsalikis All instruments except DR

Joe (Jofu) Cardillo DR


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