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Axel Wittbeck - FIREBREATHER

💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal Axel Wittbeck of FIREBREATHER.. Welcome!

Thank you!

💿 Can you introduce your current line-up of the band?

Mattias Nööjd on guitar/vocals, Axel Wittbeck on drums and Nicklas Hellqvist on bass.

💿 On Feb 25th will be out your new full-length entitled DWELL IN THE FOG, positive received on our pages (

Can you tell us somethin'about its composition process and style?

We usually get ideas from jamming on our own or as a group and then go from there.It's in the jam room we see what works with what but the ideas comes from different enviroments sometimes.

It's a mix of the members individual taste in music.

💿 In your early times which artists influenced you the most?

It's a mix of Entombed, ZZ Top, Sabbath and 'Tallica.

💿 Where does the band name come from?

Somebody from the early version of the band come up with it.

💿 DWELL IN THE FOG is out on RIDING EASY RECORDS. Can you tell us somethin'about relationships with them?

We signed with them late 2018 and it had worked well since. We're supposed to meet Daniel irl in march for the first time.

💿Here at HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL we are strong defender of classic format. Love for vintage or isn't there a future outside digital?

We strongly prefer classic formats. Vinyl is law.

💿 We love the cover of DWEEL IN THE FOG ..Can you tell us somethin'about?

Moon_patrol (instagram) did it. As soon as we saw the work, we felt like that was it. It also fits with lots of the lyric for the album.

💿 Can you tell us something about your next projects?

It's always our goal to tour more and make more songs. If we could, that would be all we did.

Palmer Turner Overdrive

RidingEasy Records

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