ALBUM Enigma

LABEL ROAR - rock of angels records

OUT April 10th, 2020


FALLEN ARISE, symphonic metal band based in Greece, released their new album "Enigma" on April 10th, via Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR).

On this new platter, the band wanted their music to sound as contemporary as possible but at the same time to remain faithful to their melodic/symphonic roots...we can say this target was achieved.

Main part of the rich arrangements and recordings was made in Athens, at Soundflakes Recording Studios with John Mcris being a close associate of the band and the sound engineer for the main body of this new work.

Part of the recordings took place at the Rock Factory Studios in Siena, Italy by Nikos Zannis and Davide Fatemi as sound engineers.

The mixing process took place at Hell's Kitchen Recording Studio with John Mcris as mixing engineer. For the mastering process, FALLEN ARISE collaborated with Fascination Street Studios and Tony Lindgren as mastering engineer.

FALLEN ARISE, formed in 2009, combining a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive attitude and a heavy-metal-alike heaviness, have shared the stage with worldwide acclaimed names such as NIGHTWISH, PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, LEAVES' EYES, OUTLOUD, among others.

After an intro, the title track is the first song, symphonic but enriched by a squared heavy riff; production is clear, fancy and powerful, with vocals divided between two singers, the amazing Fiona and scratchin’ VLASSIS K.

Gorgeous arrangements and solo parts to remark with space for keyboards and guitar.

In REBORN we can appreciate again the voice of FIONA, naturally able to provide great musicality, while in FORSAKEN a fancy piano introduces a song that grows second after second, with growl vocals which provides their heavier side.

Following EMBERS and WITHOUT DISGUISE are great songs too while RELEASED, shows a great carpet sound with a strong dose of melody.

Symphonic elements to open fancy FOREVER WINTER, again with a solo part to remark, while soft HORIZON is exalted by the grace of FIONA.

Sharper riffs and a progressive atmosphere in THE STORM INSIDE, one of our favs, to end in the best way an album that we suggest.


1. In Adentu Deorum

2. Enigma

3. Reborn

4. Forskaken

5. Embers

6. Without DIsguise

7. Released

8. Forever Winter

9. Horizon

10. The Storm Inside


Fiona Creaby Female VC

Vlassis K. Male VC

Gus Dibelas KB

Spyros Vasilakis GT

Jason Ioakeim BG

MariosK. DR




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