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BAND Enigma Experience

ALBUM Question Mark

LABEL Fuzzorama Records

OUT Nov 13th, 2020


ENIGMA EXPERIENCE, a new danish/sweden project, covers a wide range of rock music and album QUESTION MARK is scheduled to be released the 13th of November 2020.

Sweden and Norway joins forces as Niklas "Mr.Dango" Källgren from Truckfighters teams up with former Truckfighters / Witchcraft drummer Oscar "Pezo" Johansson and Maurice Adams from Breed and former Motorfinger on vocals.

The latter band was opening up for Dango's band Truckfighters where their guitarist Dango became so impressed by the vocal skills of Adams and after some moist conversation backstage, Dango and Adams had decided to work together on Dango's new project ENIGMA EXPERIENCE.

The music on this album covers a wide range of rock music. Compared to Truckfighters it's with a more mellow fundament the songs create a really intense atmosphere. A great mixture of acoustic parts and fuzz that makes the band stand out.

They starts with REALITYLINE, a great blend of psych/stoner elements, followed by LONEWOLF, where vocals express their charisma.

Impressions in subdued tones highlighting processes and details, embracing and fancy acoustic guitar in MIGHTY MIND, while CORRPUPTION shows dirty riffs.

More rhythm in EQUILIBRIUM which shows interesting digressions and great tempo changes.

IN MY MIND MY SECRET PLACE provides two different parts, while in THE Z we can find also jazzy atmospheres.

THE ZONE is the song which ends in the best way this great platter.



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