#review BAND Eighty One Hundred ALBUM HEAVEN IN FLAMES LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 24/1/2020 OUR RATING 80/100 EIGHTY ONE HUNDRED is a band from Naples with a particular name but able to unleash a fresh album, HEAVEN IN FLAMES, out on January 24th, 2020 . Six tunes and an instrumental intro which opens the party. The title track shows soon trademarks of the band, melody and effective vocals, enriched by great solo parts. They starts strong in CRY OUT, a smart song with an epic touch in the first slice, before the environment changes with a more sinister mood which opens the inspired guitar's solo. PAYBACK MY TIME, after a great arpeggio and a moment in waitin' , grows second after second with sharper riffs, alternating classic moments with more contemporary parts. Great changes of time in NO WAY OUT and also MATER GAIA provides a large range of solutions. Great POWER OF REVOLUTION, more classic and more sinister at times, ends in the best way this great platter. SURELY INTERESTING! TRACKLIST 1. Overture 80100 2. Heaven In Flames 3. Cry Out 4. Payback My Time 5. No Way Out 6. Mater Gaia 7. Power Of Revolution

LINE-UP Screamer LV Mr. White LG Doc BG Taker RG Thunder DR

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