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BAND Drakkar


LABEL Punishment 18 Records

OUT March 26th, 2021


Born in 1995, Drakkar is one of the most famous HM/Power HM Italian bands.

Led by Dario Beretta, the band published two demos in 1996 and 1997, followed by the debut full-lenght “Quest For Glory" in 1998 and the sophomore release, “Gemini” (2000).

The 3rd album "Razorblade God" came out in 2002 with a new line-up.

The new members, among others the charismatic new vocalist Davide Dell'Orto, helped Drakkar to enrich their sound, with more elements from some thrash to 70's hard rock influences with epic-power influences.

After such a good streak of albums, though, the band was confronted with a series of issues, both personal and musical, that forced them to slow down considerably.

Their next effort would only see the light in 2007 in the form of a digital-only (which was quite rare at the time) 4 songs-EP called "Classified", freely distributed through the band’s website.

But the real comeback finally materialized in 2012, when My Kingdom Music put out "When Lightning Strikes", with guitarist Dario Beretta and singer Davide Dell’Orto leading the band, an album that marked the beginning of a new era for Drakkar.

Now it’s finally time to start getting ready for the release of the delayed full- length: “Chaos Lord”, available on PUNISHMENT 18 RECORDS on March 26th.

Once again recorded by Mattia Stancioiu at Elnor Studio, the new album a smart blend of classic HM, seventies and power Hm drops, all enhanced by powerful riffs, aggressive guitars and singalong choruses perfect for live experience with an epic feeling.

After a majestic instrumental intro, the first shot is LORD OF A DYING RACE, that starts self-confident and with a classic riffing and epic vocals, helped by roaring bass lines and pounding drums.

The right dose of musicality doesn’t lack before opening at a fluent guitar’s solo.

A relentless drumming starts HORNS UP, heavy and rhythmic, powerful and epic; after the solo, the last slice is a fast power HM run.

The title track, after an instrumental intro, is a song that grows second after second and is surely one of our favorite.. at the same time epic, grandiloquent, heavy..awesome!

Following THROUGH THE HORSEHEAD NEBULA, is a tune full of pathos, while THE BATTLE..alternates sections more thoughtful with some stronger parts.

Gorgeous solo parts in epic/power FIREBIRDS and brilliant too THE PAGES OF MY LIFE, while anthemic TRUE TO THE END ends in the best way this platter that WE SUGGEST WITHOUT HESITATION!!


1. The Dreaming City 01:54

2. Lord of a Dying Race 05:41

3. Horns Up 04:22

4. Chaos Lord 05:52

5. Through The Horsehead Nebula 05:25

6. The Battle (Death from the Depths - Part II) 04:37

7. And He Will Rise Again 06:26

8. Firebird 04:33

9. The Pages of My Life 05:03

10. True to the End 06:35


Dario Beretta GT

Davide Dell'Orto VC

Marco Rusconi GT

Simone Pesenti Gritti BG

Daniele Ferru DR



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