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OUT Aug 27th, 2021


DIRKSCHNEIDER & THE OLD GANG have released their 3 track EP 'Arising' two days ago on AFM Records.

What is DATOG?! The history of ACCEPT.. a project which involves UDO, Peter Baltes and Stefan Kaufmann, among others, where “others” (last but not least!) are Mathias Dieth (guitar; Sinner, U.D.O.) as well as Udo's son Sven Dirkschneider (drums; U.D.O., Dirkschneider) plus singer Manuela Bibert.

DATOG came into being, as producer and band member Stefan Kaufmann puts it, ....”in a flowing process. In the run-up to the production of the album 'We Are One' by 'U.D.O.. & Das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr', Peter Baltes and I worked together for the first time in many years between July 2019 and March 2020 and contributed some tracks to the said disc. In this way, a meeting also came about between Udo and Peter, and a little later likewise with Mathias, whereby, our recently only sporadic contact, was intensified again."

In addition, the head of the music corps expressed the idea of including Manuela Bibert, who was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Germany, as a solo singer for the tracks 'Blindfold' and 'Beyond Good And Evil' as well as for a duet with Udo on 'Neon Diamond' on the 'We Are One' production. Peter Baltes: …."Usually there are more songs for an album than are recorded and released. From such a pool came 'Where The Angels Fly', which was no longer considered for 'We Are One' due to time constraints and was withheld with a heavy heart. Since all involved considered the number too strong to let it gather dust in a drawer, the idea was born to release it separately. Udo expressed the wish to sing a duet with me again after many years, and since Manuela had already sung the third verse, the idea of what Stefan calls "diversified main vocals" was born." With this idea, DATOG was also born, so to speak!

In May 2020, Das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr first released its version of 'Where The Angels Fly' via YouTube, then Dirkschneider, Baltes and Kaufmann rearranged the song and turned it into a thoroughbred rock number. Stefan Kaufmann: …."We recorded more guitars, changed the orchestral and choral arrangements slightly, and remixed everything." The result, in September 2020, you could suddenly find a low-budget video clip of the new version on YouTube. The prompt response from fans was overwhelming: without any advertising or marketing, the clip has been clicked 2.3 million times to date!

Three songs in this EP, all well-known; FACE OF A STRANGER, EVERY HEART IS BURNING and WHERE THE ANGELS FLY, where rich production and fancy vocals entanglements makes somethin’ magic.

Hopin’ in a full-lenght, we have in our hands this appetizer to suggest!


Udo Dirkschneider LV BV

Peter Baltes BG LV BV

Manuela Bibert LV BV

Stefan Kaufmann RG BV

Mathias Dieth LG BV

Sven Dirkschneider DR BV




DATOG Merchandise:

DATOG - Dirkschneider & The Old Gang

AFM Records


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