#review #recordoftheday BAND Dexter Ward ALBUM III LABEL No Remorse Records OUT 13/3/2020 OUR RATING 87/100 After excellent RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY, the heirs of best tradition of EPIC METAL, DEXTER WARD, was able to do another step forward. The level of this III, out some days ago on NO REMORSE is absolutely high! Since first song entitled RETURN OF THE BLADES, they seems in best shape, with an effective rhythm section, two blistering guitars and the vocals of only member not comin’ from Greece, the Italian MARK DEXTER, able to provide several solutions with this epic mood. SOLDIERS OF LIGHT is a masterpiece; after a start in waitin’, the structure is various and shows great changes of time which catch listerner’s attention. IN THE DAYS OF EPIC METAL is an anthemic song with fancy guitars’ lines and great gallops, where the band is proud of their roots and keeper of the best tradition of the genre. A magic mid-tempo is THE EYES OF MERLIN, one of our favs, with a solo which grows and explodes..a real war machine. CONAD THE BARBARIAN open the side B, an heavier track in the first slice balanced by Mark’s touch, which evolves in the second one with two solos to remark and the last part more squared, as the best old SAXON. More light in THE DRAGON OF THE MIST, a classic one, while in REIGN OF THE WHITE KNIGHT prevail speed and power. More lilting the last THE DEMONSLAYER, doomy at times with sudden restarts and great changes of time; more epic the last part with a GLORIA TO EXCELSIS DEO to end this amazing platter. OUSTANDING..SURELY ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR!!

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