BAND Devil Cross


LABEL Fighter Records

OUT Dec 7th, 2021


The Canadian/American Epic HM band DEVIL CROSS, is ready to unleash the upcoming debut album "This Mortal Coil", which will be released in December 7th, 2021 through Fighter Records on CD, 12"LP, Cassette & Digital.

DEVIL CROSS consists of of Jo Steel (ICE WAR/APHRODITE) on bass/ vocals, Brennan Whitworth (APHRODITE/ CANNIBAL) on guitar and Trevor William Church (Haunt) on drums, who has been in charge of mixing the album at his own studios in Fresno (USA).

The fantasy and occult lyrics are allegorical and deal with deep personal issues of depression, anger, frustration, abandonment, sadness and alienation.

DEVIL CROSS has teamed up with French fantasy painter Didier Normand who created some great cover art.

Ten songs and a bonus track in this album opened by SHATTERED HOPES, a great example of traditional HM, followed by grandiloquent WARRIOR DEEP INSIDE.

More fluent DARK SPIRITS, with a great solo to remark, followed by direct CRUSH KILL.

Some 70’s influence in DEVASTATION and SHE’S GOT THE MARK, followed by one of our favorite, BURN THE WITCH, maybe not the the most original title in the history of the metal but effective.

They go on with SLAYER OF DRAGONS, with some punky influences, the title track, so traditional, and DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE that ends in the best way a great album.


01. Shattered Hopes

02. Warrior Deep Inside

03. Dark Spirits

04. Crush Kill

05. Devastation

06. She's Got the Mark

07. Burn the Witch

08. Slayer of Dragons

09. This Mortal Coil

10. Dig Your Own Grave

11. Shattered Illusion (Detente cover) - CD bonus

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