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BAND Defecto



OUT Oct 23rd, 2020


DUALITY, out on Oct 23rd on BLACK LODGE, is the new album by DEFECTO, a work where the band, proud of their roots, moves itself throughout musical directions previously only hinted at.

You can find classic trademarks of the band such as massive riffs, blazing solos and well-crafted melodic parts but also an interesting mix of different vibes.

DUALITY creates a structure that deals with both the light and the dark sides of existence. It is about a powerful, in-your-face attitude, but also about turning inner personal turmoil into inspiring and meaningful songwriting.

DEFECTO, from Denmark, shared stages with many top bands such as RAMMSTEIN and METALLICA, among others.

RINGS OF SATURN is the first fresh shot which starts in crescendo, opening to a squared and heavy riffing with a contemporary twist, followed by THE UNINVITED, enriched some growl inserts, within a complex structure and great solo,parts.

After smart RISE, PARADIGM OF DECEIT begins with an arpeggio and melodic vocals, providing the right dose of melody.

All sounds great in ALL FOR YOU, while CONDEMNED is a great blend of heavy and sharp riffing, enhanced by a melodic touch.

After grandiloquent BED OF NAILS, we can find WASHED AWAY, which leaves us, in our opinion, totally unconvinced.

TEMPEST and DON’T SAY GOODBYE ends in the best way a great album that WE SUGGEST!!


Thomas Bartholin BG

Nicklas Sonne LV GT

Mikkel Christensen DR

Frederik Møller LG


1. Rings of Saturn

2. The Uninvited

3. Rise

4. Paradigm of Deceit

5. All for You

6. Untamed

7. Condemned

8. Bed of Nails

9. Washed Away

10. Tempest

11. Don't Say Goodbye

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