BAND Deep Valley Blues ALBUM DEMONIC SUNSET LABEL Volcano Records & Promotion OUT 18/10/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 DEEP VALLEY BLUES is a project in the deep South of ITALY, in Catanzaro, put togheter by two musicians Umberto Arena (ex-Bad Trip) and Giandomenico Sestito (Dripping Sin). After many line up changes they called two old mates, Giorgio Faini and Alessandro Morrone that played together in Amorphead and Emily Witch. With this line up the band recorded his first ep at Black horse studio (live recorded) that took the moniker "Deep Valley Blues". In september 2018 the band start the recording sessions for thefirst album "Demonic Sunset", a full lenght foculized on various aspects of human psyche. In January 2019 becomes part of the band Samuele Grasso as live member. Out on Oct 18th via VOLCANO RECORDS, this platter provide eight tracks with a right sound; not only stoner but many other things. Bass provides the right groove, drums are able to make effectives entanglements, and when guitar is free, solo parts are gorgeous. Blues, stoner, hard rock, instrumental songs such as LUST VEGAS, long-lenght songs such as TIRED TO BEG FOR, with great changes of times, or acoustic EMPIRE with a solo to remark..many right ingredients for a good recipe NO DOUBT, TO SUGGEST!

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