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STORMBRINGER is the 9th studio album by Deep Purple, out in Nov 1974.

It’s the 2nd studio album featuring Mk III lineup with David Coverdale on vocals and Glenn Hughes on bass vocals.

In 1990, the album was remastered and re-released in the US by Metal Blade Records, with distribution by Warner Bros.

The Friday Music label released a version in US on July 31st, 2007.

On Feb 23rd, 2009 the 35th Anniversary Edition of Stormbringer was released only for Europe.


side A

1. "Stormbringer" Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale 4:03

2. "Love Don't Mean a Thing" Blackmore, Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord, Ian Paice 4:23

3. "Holy Man" Coverdale, Hughes, Lord 4:28

4. "Hold On" Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Paice 5:05

side B

1. "Lady Double Dealer" Blackmore, Coverdale 3:19

2. "You Can't Do It Right (With the One You Love)" Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes 3:24

3. "High Ball Shooter" Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Paice 4:26

4. "The Gypsy" Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Paice 4:05

5. "Soldier of Fortune" Blackmore, Coverdale 3:14

35th Anniversary Edition - Disc 1 bonus tracks

10. "Holy Man" (remix) 4:32

11. "You Can't Do It Right" (remix) 3:27

12. "Love Don't Mean a Thing" (remix) 5:07

13. "Hold On" (remix) 5:11

14. "High Ball Shooter" (instrumental) 4:30


David Coverdale VC

Ritchie Blackmore GB

Jon Lord KB BV

Glenn Hughes BG VC

Ian Paice DR

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