LABEL Music-Records

OUT July 3rd, 2020 (Digital) and October 2nd, 2020 (CD)


From the ashes of the TRIAKANTHOS thrash project, Nico and Alex decided in 2009 to continue their adventure togheter with Franck on guitar, Tom on bass and Alban "Shamane" on vocals.

The arrival of Pierre to replace Franck gives a more technical approach to the sound, becoming more complex.

Finally in April 2013 the 1st album of Dead Tree Seeds (Seeds of Thrash) was out.

In 2014 Aurelien (guitar) and sidi (bass) joined the band, followed by numerous concerts almost everywhere in France, while in 2016 we have seen the departure of Alban in Germany and that of Nico for musical differences.

Dead Tree Seeds continues its journey and composes 8 songs in order to prepare the recording of the 2nd album in line with the first.

At the end of 2017 Ivanne on guitar and at the start of 2018 Frank Vortex on vocals joined the band with directly 3 concerts in 2018

In early 2019, Ivanne left the band for professional reasons and was replaced in the process by Francois.

April 2020, the group signs with the Music Records label for the release of the 2nd album "Push the Button" scheduled for July 2020 (digital) and October 2020 (physical).

Let’s start from the end: PUSH THE BUTTON IS A BRILLIANT ALBUM which we suggest without hesitation!

After an instrumental intro, the first ace is FANGS OF THE WHITE WOLF, classic thrash song , enhanced by brilliant vocals and pressing drums; changes of time and brilliant solo parts to enrich the track.

THRU GOD FOR VENGEANCE goes on in the same way while NO TIME TO COMPLAIN shows a texture more rich with several solutions, enhanced by a brilliant rhythm section.

Solo parts are truly stunning and we have another confirm by the title track, a mad run with a thoughtful break.

After another instrumental interlude, ABJECTION is darker and more squared growin’ second after second.

After brilliant ENEMIES OF ROME, with a doom part in the last slice, WAILING WALL, already pressing , and SHOTDEAD, one of our favs, end in the best this long-awaited return.

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