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💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have for the fourth time on Hardrockheavymetal DAVID REECE!! Welcome!!

Always a pleasure for me as well and hello to you and all of your readers!

💿 On March 13th will be out your new album under moniker REECE, entitled CACOPHONY OF SOULS. Can you tell us somethin about the meaning of this title?

I have been watching what's happening around the world the last few years and I've seen friends fighting friends over politics, religion arguments, wars etcetera it just seems like people have forgotten to be kind to one another and respect each other's points of view so hence the title Cacophony of souls.

💿 Can you present us your new line up and can you tell us somethin'about the style and the composition process?

Malte Frederik Burkert of course has been working with me for a few years so he's once again involved on the new album he's also written two tracks with Andy and I, A perfect world and Collective Anesthesia. I am really blown away by his writing talents he's truly got what it takes as an artist. Andrea Gianangeli played drums on the album and I met Andrea while I was looking for a drummer for the special guest slot opening for UDO.

Andrea is a great talent and a good friend and always hungry to be the best he can be. He's a great asset to Reece. Andy Susemihl I've known since we met during our record sessions

while I was in Accept and he was in UDO.

We've been friends over thirty years. We met in Stuttgart while I was touring with UDO and I knew we needed to work together again because we've done many albums and shows together. He's one of the greatest guitarists in the world an also a great writer and producer.

💿 CACOPHONY OF SOULS will be out on EL PUERTO RECORDS, already tested with SAINTED SINNERS experience.. What's the matter of this choice after the deal with MIGHTY MUSIC?

I simply wasn't satisfied working with Mighty music, I need a label who spends time with the artist, listens to my opinions and ideas as well as myself respecting their positions on how they see the future in promoting my records so I knew I needed to go back to them because they will do their absolute best to promote Cacophony of souls.

💿 We're fans of physical music to death.. COS will be available also on vinyl?

Right now only cd and other formats but we're in discussions about a limited vinyl release.

💿 Inside your songs what’s the role of lyrics in the composition process? Words follow music or vice versa?

I get my inspiration from listening to conversations, watching television and reading books. So I'm always writing short stories.

Sometimes a lyric is completed and I send to Andy but also Andy being so prolific he sends a layout and we have an ability to create a song together.

💿 Can you tell us somethin'about your live plans to promote this album? Will be chances to see you in Italy, the Country where you actually live, and in USA, your native Country?

As you know I've done Luppolo a few times it's a great festival and they have been so great to me. Right now nothing confirmed for Italy yet but I'm working on it. I am confirmed for Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, UK and Spain.

You can find all dates on my Facebook pages David Reece official and davidreeceofficial.info.

💿 Can you tell us some previews about the songs that you’ll play live?

We just had a meeting about the live show and we will play many new songs from the album. Our first single and video will be Metal Voice.

It will be released February 14 2020 I'll also play some from Resilient Heart and of course classics from Eat the Heat live.

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

I wish to thank all of you again for your wonderful support and please visit my pages for show updates I'm sure I'll return to Italy to rock!

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David Reece


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