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BAND CRUSADIST ALBUM THE UNHOLY GRAIL LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 29/11/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Crusadist is an HM band from Chicago, ready to unkeash its self-released debut album on Nov 29th. Formed in 2017, by founding members Shaun Albro, Aaron Nobles and Kevin Ariel, enhanced in 2018 by drummer Jason Rak and guitarist Luke Sever. Performing live in the surrounding states and opening for national and international acts such as Exmortus, Hatchet, Micawber, The Absence, Depths of Hatred, Kalmah, Vried, Homewrecker, Empyrean Throne, Nile, Terrorizer and Vital Remains, the band continued to write material with plans to record a full length album. In March of 2019, Crusadist entered Belle City Sound in Racine Wisconsin to begin thei debut In support of the release, Crusadist has a string of shows booked in the surrounding states in the midwest region and have teamed up with Mikael Parks of World Forge Booking & Touring to work on tour dates beginning March 20- April 6, 2020. An interesting album with complex structures and thrash'n'death elements but not only. Solos are always inspired and vocals are able to provide different solutions, from rough and growl parts; sometimes we can see more groove parts and sometimes prevails a sinister environment. SURELY INTERESTING!

PRE-ORDER: Crusadist is: Shaun Albro VC Aaron Nobles GT Luke Sever GT Kevin Ariel BG Jason Rak DR #pressagent ClawHammer PR Crusadist

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