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BAND Crossplane


LABEL El Puerto Records

OUT April 22nd, 2022


FASTLANE will be the fourth album by Heavy Rock'n'Roller CROSSPLANE and will be released on April 22nd, 2022 on El Puerto Records.

Eleven songs in this new platter opened by CAN’T GET YOU OFF MY HEAD, with their heavy RNR, son of Motörhead but with a personal touch.

MAKE BEER NOT WAR is the title that fits better with current situation, while ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE is another song that maybe won’t write the history but works great!!

ROCK OUT is another kick in the teeth while the title-track is an heavier song enriched by a great solo.

They go on with RNR WILL NEVER DIE, sparkling and biting, and SEARCH AND DESTTOY, a song with some different solutions.

After FIELDS OF BONE, maybe one step behind, EPIDEMIC is another title closer to current situation.

LIFE IS A MONSTER and BLACK IS MY BLUE SKY, more lilting and inspired, end in the perfect way this album that WE RECOMMEND!!


Marcel ‚Celli’ Mönnig Vocals GT

Alexander ‚Alex’ Störmer GT

Andrew Barrett BG

Mark ‚Bridgeman’ Brückmann DR


01 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

02 - Make Beer Not War

03 - All Hell Is Breaking Loose

04 - Rock Out

05 - Fastlane

06 - Rock'n'Roll Will Never Die

07 - Search And Destroy

08 - Fields Of Bone

09 - Epidemic

10 - Life Is A Monster

11 - Black Is My Blue Sky

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