LABEL Dying Victims Productions

OUT Nov 19th, 2021


Debut album of Germany’s CHEROKEE, Blood & Gold, was out on DYING VICTIM on Nov 19th, 2021 and available on CD and double-LP vinyl formats.

Founded in 2014 and with many lineup changed, with the first complete consisting of guitarists Simon Siantidis and Alexander Beda Maria Kleusch, bassist Fabian Albert Dey, drummer Fabian Kampa, and vocalist Katharina Heldt, they recorded two demos, Ridin’ Free (2015) and Mother Nature’s Child (2016).

Following the second demo, Heldt departed the band.

In 2017, vocalist Laura Vesprini joins CHEROKEE, and together the EP Wakan Tanka Nici Un was released in 2018.

Many gigs followed, the band truly finding their latent power onstage, and in 2019 did a successful mini-tour commence with Canadian band Freeways.

And now is time for the debut album, Blood & Gold with 15 songs in 75 minutes, where they finally show their moody, dynamic and 70’s driven HARD ROCK, firstly influenced by masters such as Thin Lizzy.

CHEROKEE wanted something special for their debut album and simply could not decide which songs to cut, and thus did they settle for a 15-song double-album.

We can find many solutions in this first album, from more rhythmic choices to more bluesy episodes.

A great debut!!

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