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BAND Bonfire



OUT 2016


This is the 6th compilation by the Bonfire.

CD 1

1. "Strike Back" Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller 5:52

2. "Under Blue Skies" Lessmann, Ziller 5:49

3. "Diamonds in the Rough" Lessmann, Ziller 4:45

4. "Proud of My Country" Lessmann, Ziller 5:11

5. "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) Ed King, Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington 4:17

6. "Don't Go Changing Me" Lessmann, Ziller 4:07

7. "Sweet Obsession" Jack Ponti, Joe Lynn Turner, Lessmann, Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Jörg Deisinger 3:28

8. "American Nights" Lessmann, Ziller, Maier-Thorn, Marc Ribler 3:37

9. "Good Time Rock 'n' Roll" Lessmann, Ziller 5:22

10. "Heat in the Glow" Ziller, Lessmann 4:01

11. "Can't Stop Rockin'" Lessmann, Ziller 3:46

12. "Down to Atlanta" Lessmann, Ziller 4:16

13. "Loaded Gun" Harry Paress, Curt Cuomo, Rick Phillips

CD 2

1. "You Make Me Feel" Ziller, Lessmann 4:48

2. "Give It a Try" Lessmann, Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Deisinger 4:49

3. "Who's Foolin' Who" Marc Ribler, Angel Schleifer, Lessmann, Ziller 3:40

4. "I Need You" Lessmann, Ziller 5:14

5. "Goodnight Amanda" Lessmann, Ziller 5:39

6. "Southern Winds" Lessmann, Ziller 4:49

7. "If It Wasn't for You" Lessmann, Ziller 5:44

8. "Why Is It Never Enough" Ziller, Lessmann 4:19

9. "Let's Fly Away" Ziller, David Reece, Ron Wilkins 5:31


David Reece LV

Hans Ziller GT

Frank Pane GT

Ronnie Parkes BG

Tim Breideband DR

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