BAND Anthea


LABEL Rockshots Records

OUT Oct 23rd, 2020


Anthea are ready to unleash new album "Illusion" due out on October 23rd via Rockshots Records.

Anthea is a symphonic metal band from Los Angeles, CA.

The band aims to create coherent yet diverse cinematic, theatrical metal music mixing clean operatic vocals and growl.

They start this album with “Reach”, a catchy mid-tempo song with lyrics about taking initiative and fulfilling your dreams; power/symphonic metal with a melodic touch with well-groomed solo parts by keys and guitar.

ECLIPSE is another right shot, with different style of vocals, as abovementioned, with piano inserts and great tempo changes.

Full of melody MOIRAI, available in two different versions, while ILLUSION is maybe a step behind.

More rich next THE LIGHT DIVINE, while DISCOVERY push the speed and sounds more direct.

Heavier next THE EXPEDITION while REFLECTIONS is our favorite song, rich of several solutions.

An interesting band with an own style! To suggest.


1. Reach (4:57)

2. Eclipse (3:52)

3. Moirai (Feat. Chiara Tricarico) (4:31)

4. Illusion (4:10)

5. The Light Divine (Feat. Eric Meyers) (6:33)

6. Discovery (4:31)

7. The Expedition (4:03)

8. Reflections (5:27)

9. Moirai (Orchestral Version) (4:32)


Diego Valadez VC KB

Juan Pina - Guitar/Screams

Marcos Mejia - Guitar

Eric Guerrero - Bass

Peter Vasquez - Drums


Chiara Tricarico VC

Eric Meyers GT

Female Vocals on “Moirai” Performed by Chiara Tricarico

Second Guitar Solo on “The Light Divine” written and performed by Eric Meyers


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