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1Q94 is a vegan & green metal band formed in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013, composed of four

musicians known as “The Nameless Beasts”.

In 2014, they released a first 3-track demo entitled “12 Monkeys” based on Terry Gilliam's 1995

eponymous movie.

The band have been recording metal covers of popular songs and acoustic covers of metal songs (all

penned by plant-powered artists) available on their YouTube channel:

Influenced by historical bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica (1983-1989), Megadeth

and Judas Priest, the Nameless Beasts play a mix of heavy and groove metal with thrashy edges.

The lyrics of their original songs deal with the sufferings endured by all sorts of animals.

For ethical reasons, the Nameless Beasts have decided to give away all the royalties of all the songs

the band will ever record and release to the มลู นธิวิแีกน (Vegan Foundation of Thailand).

The band members do not want to reveal their identity but decided to be represented by their two

mascots: Aldo, the Ape and P' Tangmo, the Watermelon Man, respectively reflecting the rough and

the sweeter musical and lyrical sides of the band.


Nameless Beast – Lead vocals, Rhythm guitars

Nameless Beast – Lead guitars, Backing vocals

Nameless Beast – Drums, Backing vocals

Nameless Beast – Bass, Backing vocals


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