2021: An Year of Nwobhm on Hardrockheavymetal!


2021: AN YEAR OF NWOBHM on Hardrockheavymetal!

Our readers know that we don’t love charts and scores, so we want simply talk about of some best news in NWOBHM’s movement throughout this mad 2021, with the certainty of forgetting somebody or somethin’..and we apologize all the same for this!

Many bands, without live concerts, have chosen not to unleash new studio full-lenght; among others Saxon was out with a cover album entitled INSPIRATIONS, dedicated to the bands and artists that inspired members as musicians.

Biff Byford was out also with a new project, BLACK WATER, that involves his son Seb.

BACK IN THE SADDLE is the title of the smart debut full-lenght by Rhabstallion, while DEALER are back with a new EP entitled IN THE NAME OF GOD?.

A compilation for TYGERS OF PAN TANG, while their members FRANCESCO MARRAS and JACK MEILLE were out with new SCREAMING SHADOWS and SAINTED SINNERS album.

IRON MAIDEN was out with mighty SENJUTSU; from the Maiden’s family new brilliant project which involves ADRIAN SMITH and RITCHIE KOTZEN, new album by BLAZE BAYLEY entitled WAR WITHIN ME, 74 by GYPSY’S KISS and a live album by AIRFORCE.

New solo album, ELECTRIC EYE, from PERSIAN RISK (and now with Don Airey and Nazareth) singer CARL SENTANCE, the melodic return of MONTREAUX, the brilliant FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF FOREVER from TROYEN and the self-titled comeback from DARK HEART.

Among many reissues, interesting two from HAMMERHEAD and JAMESON RAID; to remark the new one by SACRED ALIEN and the brilliant double vinyl recorded in London by Vardis.

#NWOBHM ALWAYS ALIVE AND KICKIN’ hoping in a better 2022..we all deserve it!!

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