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2020: An year of NWOBHM on Hardrockheavymetal!


2020: AN YEAR OF NWOBHM on Hardrockheavymetal!

Our readers know that we don’t love charts and scores, so we want simply talk about of some best news in NWOBHM’s movement throughout this mad 2020, with the certainty of forgetting somebody or somethin’..and we apologize all the same for this!

CLOVEN HOOF, led by Andre Lee Payne was out with AGE OF STEEL, the first work out on PURE STEEL RECORDS; a brilliant album, so fresh and surely one of our favorite.

Another appreciated comeback was for TOKYO BLADE: DARK REVOLUTION is a solid rock and was another confirm for the band led by ANDY BOULTON.

ELIXIR was out with VOYAGE OF THE EAGLE, in our opinion one of the best of their entire career and with many vinyl reissues; certainly not least HAIL THE EMPIRE by SATAN’S EMPIRE, out after brilliant RISING.

METAL CITY was the new album by RAVEN, the first studio full-lenght with MIKE HELLER on drums, absolutely one of the best thing listened last year!

From the North of Uk to remark the return of WARRIOR, with smart BOUDICA; GRAHAM WAUDBY and his BADGE was out with a new album entitled SUPERNOVA.

IRON MAIDEN was out with a new gorgeous live album records in Mexico, while DIAMOND HEAD celebrated the 40th anniversary of their masterpiece LIGHTNING TO THE NATIONS with a new re-recorded version enhanced by gorgeous four cover versions of classic from METALLICA, DEEP PURPLE, JUDAS PRIEST and LED ZEPPELIN.

To remark an interesting compilation with three early demos of SATAN, a great vinyl anthology by TROYEN and the reissue of WHILE THE FLAME STILL BURNS of DESOLATION ANGELS, a picture of American era of the band.

It was also the year of return of RAMPANT with an interesting cd single in waiting for a full-lenght scheduled for 2021; it was out also a new EP by HEAVY PETTIN’.

Many reissues and new compilations were out; among others to remind interesting LEGENDS by SACRED ALIEN.

To remark many side projects of present or past members of IRON MAIDEN: BRITISH LION of legend STEVE HARRIS with THE BURNING, AIRFORCE of DOUG SAMPSON with STRIKE HARD, another live album by BLAZE BAYLEY (LIVE IN CZECH) and LIONHEART of DENNIS STRATTON (THE REALITY OF MIRACLES).

BYFF BYFORD, mastermind of SAXON, provided long-awaited solo album, the brilliant SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS), while SYTERIA of JACKIE CHAMBERS (GIRLSCHOOL) was out with REFLECTION.

To remind also ARCADIAN TEMPLE project, with ALEX PERRY of MYTHRA envolved and MORRISON & KENDAMA’S FALLEN SOLDIER, in waitin for a new TYSONDOG album!!


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