2020: An Year of Classic Metal on Hardrockheavymetal (Part I)


2020: An year of (Classic) Metal on Hardrockheavymetal!

After first two chapters about NWOBHM and HARD ROCK, now it's time for our highlights in Classic Hm scene; as usual..no charts!

Classic and Traditional Hm and a bit of Thrash..in other therms..OLD SCHOOL METAL!!

This is the first part of this special; to follow a second one about younger bands (call it NWOTHM, if you like).

Firstly it was the year of the new album by ARMORED SAINT..PUNCHING THE SKY is a real gem and another confirm by LA’s band.

Among others, to remark three long-awaited comeback thanks to NO REMORSE RECORDS: the awesome PASSING OF TIME by GLACIER, DESTROY ALL HUMANS by HITTMAN and FULL METAL JACKET by SHOK PARIS.

Others bands in best shape were THRUST, with THE HELM OF AWE, ANVIL with LEGAL AT LAST and TORCH from Sweden with REIGNITED.

Really hitten by IGNITOR with brilliant THE GOLDEN AGE OF BLACK MAGICK and by VICIOUS RUMORS with CELEBRATION DECAY, truly two of our favorite.

ROSS THE BOSS was involved in the fourth album of his band, BORN OF FIRE, and in the new chapter of DEATH DEALER, with band’s mate Mike LePond.

From US the new double vinyl by METAL CHURCH, with four new songs, the BPMD project, and the new platter by STRYPER, a band out with excellent EVEN THE DEVIL BELIEVES, enriched by amazing job of new bassist PERRY RICHARDSON.

“Hard as a rock” METAL COMMANDO by PRIMAL FEAR is the new brilliant work after the new deal with NUCLEAR BLAST, REBIRTH BY BLASPHEMY by MIDNIGHT is another kick in the teeth, while WOLF from SWEDEN with FEEDING THE MACHINE unleashed another solid album.

To remark the return of NEPTUNE with NORTHERN STEEL, the fifth album by HEXX entitled ENTANGLED IN SIN and the strong comeback by BYFIST from Texas.

Always brilliant japanese SATANICA with RESURRECTION OF DEVIL’S SPIRIT but one of best things listened last years was awesome FOREVER BLACK by CIRITH UNGOL.

NIGHT DEMON, the band of their bassist JARVIS LEATHERBY, was out with several seven inch singles in waitin’ for a new platter.

THE FINAL CUT is the last album by ATKINS/MAY Project..the final chapter of the band which involves original singer of Judas Priest? never say never..

Ep PENDULUM was the last shot by Candlemass; to remark the new album by STARGAZERY and brilliant shots by THE WIZAR’D and PALE DIVINE.

LAMENTING OF THE INNOCENT by SORCERER was a masterpiece and we can’t stop listening to this album!!

In best shape also OZ with Forced Commandments and their fancy Heavy Rock, Iron Angel with Emerald eyes, fresh as never before, MORTICIAN with TITANS and BLACK KNIGHT.

From Greece really appreciated the new epic III by DEXTER WARD and return of NORTHWIND with HISTORY, from Basque Country to remark the new STRAIGHT TO HELL by VHÄLDEMAR and another confirm by DARK FOREST from Uk.

RETURN TO HEMMERSMOOR was the most complete album by THEM, really appreciated, while in the thrash side, to remark brilliant TESTAMENT with TITANS OF CREATION, the return of HEATHEN with RETURN OF THE BLIND, SODOM with GENESIS XIX, ANNIHILATOR with BALLISTIC, SADISTIC, DARKNESS with Ep OVER AND OUT and EVILDEAD with UNITED STATES ON ANARCHY.

Last but not least to remind five bands from Italy: ANCILLOTTI, the band of legendary singer of STRANA OFFICINA with the strong HELL ON EARTH, fancy DARK QUARTERER with masterpiece POMPEI, brilliant HYPERION with INTO THE MAELSTROM, BLACK PHANTOM from Milan with ZERO HOUR IS NOW and power Hm masters AIRBORN with the second chapter of LIZARD SECRETS.

Hoping in a better 2021 full of new music, hoping to return a.s.a.p. on stage.

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