2020: An Year of Classic Metal on Hardrockheavymetal (Part 2)


2020: An Year of Classic Metal on Hardrockheavymetal (Part 2)

Also this year it was a special year for many bands which play Classic and Traditional HM; as usual no charts but we show our highlights in random order, as a continuous flow!

This is the second part of our Special.

Firstly to remark the second full-lenght by French RISING STEEL, entitled FIGHT THEM ALL, the first out on Frontiers; truly a band able to provide an awesome blend of tradition and modern vibes.

Another confirm by Stallion from Germany with SLAVES OF TIME and from Spain by STREAMER with excellent LIGHTS OF DEATH.

Many news again from UK with the third album by fancy WYTCH HAZEL, a band of top players, by NEURONSPOILER and their new SPOILED FOR CHOICE, the third album which develops an own style, by BATTLE BORN and their self-titled epic EP and by TOLEDO STEEL with an anthology of their early works.

A new masterpiece from STÄLKER from New Zealand, a band able to exalt the best tradition of Speed Metal with a personal mood, and from the same Country to remark HEAVY METAL NIGHTMARE by FORSAKEN AGE, surely one of our favorite throughout this mad 2020.

Another confirm by SMOULDER out with a new EP, DREAM QUEST ENDS, and by another names well-known on our pages such as HAUNT (two albums in 2020, FLASHBACK and MIND FREEZE), HIGH SPIRITS with HARD TO STOP (maybe a step behind) and new ETERNAL CHAMPION’s RAVENING IRON.

HEAVY METAL ADVENTURE was the new EP by LEGENDRY while SYLENT STORM confirms itself as a top band with THE FIRE NEVER DIES.

First EP in 2020 for INCURSION, a band born in 1982..traditional HM in the best tradition in this brilliant THE HUNTER, while from PENNSYLVANIA to remark MAGICK & MISCHIEF by SPELLBOOK, with their fancy hard’n’heavy, and DULCE BELLUM, the EP by BLAZON RITE.

Second interesting album by SINSID, from Norway, while NIGHT confirms itself as a top act with fourth album HIGH TIDES-DISTANT SKIES.

From Seattle amazing first fulL-lenght by SÖLICITOR, entitled SPECTRAL DEVASTATION, while second one by canadian TRAVELER, TERMINATION SHOCK, was one of our favorite.

To remind, again from Seattle, RIVETSKULL with TRAIL OF SOULS, NIGHTSTRYKE with STORM OF STEEL and LORD FIST with second album WILDERNESS OF HEARTS, from Finland.

We return to North America with no-frills ICE WAR’s DEFENDER, DESTROYER and SPELL’s OPULENT DECAY, both from Canada, while GREYHAWK hit us with KEEPERS OF THE FLAME and SCROLLKEEPER with AUTO DA FE, both from US.

Not least fancy first album by Ohio’s SOLAR FLARE, while WAR CLOUD confirms itself such a band to keep an eye on.

Can we say about LADY BEAST, the band led by singer DEBORAH LEVINE..another confirm and THE VULTURE’s AMULET is a fantastic album!!

We return in Europe with new brilliant WITCHTOWER’s WITCHES’ DOMAIN, from Spain, the classy INFIDEL, the third chapter by AMBUSH, the fresh DANCING WITH THE DEVIL, the new one by BURNING WITCHES, while from RUSSIA to remark LINE OF DANGER by BLAZING RUST.

Again from Sweden WYSDOM GIVEN was out with brilliant first Ep with the anthemic title UNLEASH THE BEAST, while OLD MOTHER HELL confirms their status with second platter LORD OF DEMISE.

From Europe, better from Portugal, LEATHER SYNN was out with Ep WARLORD.

From Canada to remark brilliant DEAD QUIET with TRUTH AND RUIN and LÜGER with Ep COSMIC HÖRROR.

Last but not least the first compilation of their early works by DIAMOND CHAZER, from Colombia, and interesting first Ep by NIGHTWÖLF from Brazil.

Sorry for many not mentioned bands..hoping to return on stage a.s.a.p.!!!

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