#review #recordoftheday BAND TYGERS OF PAN TANG ALBUM RITUAL LABEL MIGHTY MUSIC OUT 22/11/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Three years after last self-titled album, now it’s time for new RITUAL, out on November 22nd on danish MIGHTY MUSIC. Eleven songs in this new fatigue and the same line up; between, a lot of gigs played togheter and an amalgam increasingly more marked. To remark the role of MICKY CRYSTAL, seen also on Marco Mendoza solo band, who has taken the dominance on solo parts. The style of this album is absolutely various and seems to meet all periods of the history of the band born in NWOBHM movement. Great musicality and listenability since first WORLD APART, with its Hard Rock sound, well-groomed backing vocals, a powerful production and great solos. On the same way next DESTINY AND RESCUE ME, with the second maybe more squared. With RAISE SOME HELL we can finally find the atmospheres of first three album, with solo divided between two guitarists, while SPOILS OF WAR Is, in our opinion, the only song a step behind. The second side of vinyl is opened by WHITE LINES, well-known as single, a smart one, surely one of the best episodes of this album. WORDS CUT LIKE KNIVES begins with a fancy arpeggio , with vocals on low tones but with more expressiveness, before growin’ with rhythm and essence. DAMN YOU! shows again the “wilder” side of the band, while ART OF NOISE is heavier and darker and surely one of our favs. The last one is SAIL ON! a song with over seven mins length which provides several solutions..we really loved it..this is the best way to end this awaited return. TO SUGGEST! Tygers Of Pan Tang Mighty Music 


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