review BAND DOOMRAISER ALBUM THE DARK SIDE OF THE OLD EUROPA LABEL TIME TO KILL RECORDS OUT 24/1/2020 OUR RATING 83/100 Doom metal band DOOMRAISER, from Rome, is ready to unleash their new fatigue entitled "The Dark Side of Old Europa", out on January 24th 2020 via Time To Kill Records. The album was produced by Danilo Silvestri and by the band while well-known Roberto Toderico is responsible for the cover artwork. The trademarks of the band are respected: HM played at a monolithic pace, where fast and slower, gloomy introspective parts often collide. After PASSAGE, an instrumental solo doom, CHIMERA is the first right shot, well recorded so as to form a long grandiloquent journey. More thoughtful the title track with a solo really inspired, the first of a long series; a great song with many solutions that captures the listeners’ attention. We go on with TAUROCTONY..with great entanglements between horror synth and riffs, to put togheter another long journey to remind. If TERMINAL DUSK starts with classic doom before developing itself, HÄXAN is surely more thoughtful. After an interlude called CONTINUUM PT.1.., the last shot is LOATHSOME EXPLORER INTERPOLATION, which ends in the best way this great platter. NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST! TRACKLIST 01. Passage 02. Chimera 03. The Dark Side of Old Europa 04. Tauroctony (The Secret Cult of Mithras) 05. Terminal Dusk 06. Haxan 07. Continuum Pt. 1 (Suspended in Darkness) 08. Loathsome Explorer Interpolation Pre-order: LINE UP Nicola Rossi VC SYNTH Marco Montagna GT Giuseppe Nantini GT Andrea Caminiti BG Daniele Amatori DR LINKS: DOOMRAISER Time To Kill Records DOOMRAISER #pressagent Anubi Press 


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