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BAND LEGENDRY ALBUM THE WIZARD AND THE TOWER KEEP LABEL HIGH RILLER RECORDS OUT 1/11/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 Third full-length by the band from Pennsylvania and another right shot. Out on Nov 1st, they were able to find again their own way, with seven songs for 47 mins length, ranging from classic metal to more thoughtful moments, from epic parts to more progressive touches. They’re a trio but their sound is enhanced by HAMMOND, VIOLIN, MELLOTRON and the final outcome is absolutely gorgeous and fancy...a long trip, an experience to live as a unified whole. After THE BARD’s TALE, in fact a long intro, VINDICATOR is a “dirty” heavy rock with epic drops. The title track is a trio of songs with a long length, thoughtful at times but able to grow second after second, a long progressive journey, with a solo flowing and continued. THE LOST ROAD starts in waitin’ before a long run, an epic metal attack, followed by a second part more progressive, enhanced by a selection of stunning solos. SORCERY’s BANE is an interesting trip between folk and heavy rock, while BEHIND THE SUMMONER’s SEAL, is an incredible one that provides many solutions, often unexpected. EATHWARRIOR is the last ace that ends in the best way this awaited return. NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST! Legendry 

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