onerecordeveryday BAND Mindless Sinner ALBUM POLTERGEIST LABEL PURE STEEL RECORDS OUT 17/1/2020 OUR RATING 85/100 MINDLESS SINNER, cult band from SWEDEN, celebrated a stunning comeback in 2015 with "The New Messiah". After they had given the underground three outstanding releases with "Master Of Evil" mini album , "Turn On the Power" and ("Missin 'Pieces" as Mindless ) in the eighties, they came back with an apparition on the Keep It True XVIII festival in April 2015. That appearance was also released as a live album, entitled "Keeping It True" 2018. And they now are here again with a new platter, POLTERGEIST, available on Jan 17th, via PURE STEEL RECORDS, with a great cover art by Mats Engesten. 49 mins of pure HM that will enjoy all the fans, since first song, the title track, between traditional and Maiden’s inspirations. A great rhythm section, a great solo and embracing twin guitars passages before anthemic HEAVY METAL MAYHEM, classic, heavier and with an attack that sticks in our mind. VALKYRIE provides more epic drops and an interesting structure, before the next attack of WORLD OF MADNESS. Rythms less fast in THE ROAD TO NOWHERE, with more evocative vocals, before exploding in the second slice with an inspired solo. REWIND THE FUTURE is more direct while THE RISE AND THE FALL shows a good musicality, a squared riff that hits our attention. We goes on with classic HAMMER OF THOR and great ALTAR OF THE KING before last ROLL THE DICE, more epic and with a Saxon attitude, ends in the best way this great comeback! No doubt..TO SUGGEST! TRACKLIST 1. Poltergeist 2. Heavy Metal Mayhem 3. Valkyrie 4. World Of Madness 5. The Road To Nowhere 6. Rewind The Future 7. The Rise And The Fall 8. Hammer Of Thor 9. Altar Of The King 10. Roll The Dice LINE-UP Christer Göransson VC Magnus Danneblad GT Jerker Edman GT Christer Carlson BG Tommy Viktorsson DR www.facebook.com/mindlesssinnerofficial www.myspace.com/mindlesssinner #pressagent pure steel promotion 

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