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BAND SNATCH BACK ALBUM RIDE HARD RUN FREE LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 11/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 40 years’s finally the right time for SNATCH BACK, the cult #nwobhm band, to unleash its debut full-length. Already guests on our pages two days ago, we have the chance to listening to it in preview and we had a blast. A fancy album for a band that has so much more to give. They starts with the title track, a strong hard rock with rough vocals, cutting guitar and a rhythm section always present. A bit of Motörhead but they are able to develop an own way. KILLER is another right shot while ROCK IN A COLD CLIMATE is heavier and solo parts are again to remark. HARD TIMES is one of our favs, a stunning tune with pressing drums and powerful solos, while GOT TROUBLE is able to raise the bar again. MOVIN’OUT grows second after second, again with Motörhead mood, before great ON THE RUN. The “so British” SHE’S DEAD ends in the best way this great platter! NO suggest! NWOBHM ALWAYS ALIVE AND KICKIN’! Pre-order: directly on official web-site 


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