#review BAND Savage Master ALBUM MYTH, MAGIC AND STEEL LABEL SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 New album by SAVAGE MASTER, out for a few days, the first out on SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS. Listening to an album by the band led by singer STACEY SAVAGE is a trip in a comfort-zone, where unpolluted classic metal sound is given to the masses of devoted fans. Direct, no-frills, with effective vocals and solos to remind, surely another right shot! Sometimes they’re able to be more lilting (THE OWL) before a fast run (CRYSTAL GAZER). In anthemic LADY OF STEEL two special guests such as amazing SANDY KRUEGER and DEBORAH LEVINE of Lady Beast. More sinister HIGH PRIESTESS while last WARRIORS VS. DRAGON is more structured and ends in the best way this great platter. A WARRANTY..A BAND THAT DOESN’T BETRAY!! #recordoftheday Lady Beast Savage Master Stacey Savage 

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