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BAND Street Lethal ALBUM WELCOME TO THE ROW LABEL Fighter Records OUT 5/12/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 STREET LETHAL is a new/classic HM band from Spain ready to unleash its debut full-lenght called WELCOME TO THE ROW, out in Dec 5th via FIGHTER RECORDS. They play a fresh HM, surely respectful of the best tradition, with catchy riffs, great guitar solos, the whole thing enhanced by vocals of HELL ROSE LETHAL, who emerges for her strong personality. They were born in Barcelona, Catalunya in 2014 and the same year was out their first EP entitled CHAINBREAKER and a live recordning, LIVE FROM THE STREET. A sophomore EP, LOOK OUT! AND STAY IN THE STREETS was out in 2016. In 2017 they changed drummer incorporating a second guitarist to enrich the sound. Six song in this platter where the mood is right since first ace, the title track. ROLL RACING develop itself between classic metal and a more rockin' touch. SEARCHIN' THE WILD hit us with the pressing riff and the simple structure is exalted by a great solo. RULERS OF THE UNDERWORLD begins and is closed with a sinister arpeggio;in the middle a great and inspired song before next TYRANTS, a classic and anthemic HM run. The last shot is the fresh INTO YOUR MIND, that ends in the best way this smart platter. SURELY INTERESTING!

Line-up: Hell Rose Lethal VC Criss Lethal GT Dann Atomic Lethal GT Guilty Lethal BG Eric Killer Lethal DR #pressagent AGAINST PR 


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