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BAND WAR DOGS ALBUM DIE BY MY SWORD LABEL FIGHTER RECORDS OUT 9/1/2020 OUR RATING 86/100 WAR DOGS are a band from ELCHE (ALICANTE/SPAIN) born in 2015 and after completing thei line-up throughout following two years. A first debut EP was out in 2018 and the band has the chance with masters such as OMEN or ALINE FORCE. During the first half of 2019, they recorded the first full-lenght entitled DIE BY MY SWORD at the BLACKSTAGE STUDIOS in Alicante, mixed next in Sweden by OLOF WILKSTAND (ENFORCER). An awesome album where all classic elements of our loved music are present; you can feel it since first song, the title track, where, inside its structure we can find great vocals with epic mood, great gallops, an high-level rhythm section and solo parts to remind. Not least CASTLE OF PAIN, classic HM more regular with backing vocals to improve but with a bass job to remark. A great runaway to open WINGS OF FIRE, with pressing drums, remind us the great combination of classic and epic of bands such as VISIGOTH. MASTER OF REVENGE sounds more eighties and solo parts are always awesome, while KILL THE PAST is again one step ahead..surely one of our favs. READY TO STRIKE is another right shot while THE SHARK is a right tribute to MANILLA ROAD and MARK SHELTON, enriched by presence of BRYAN PATRICK on vocals. If THE LIGHTS ARE ON.. reminds us the lession of bands as SATAN, really impressive, GORGON EYES and WRATH OF THESEUS end in the best way this great platter! NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST!! NWOTHM ALIVE AND KICKIN!!!

Line-up: Alberto Rodríguez VC Eduardo Antón GT Enrique Mas GT Manuel Molina BG José V. Aldeguer DR War Dogs Fighter Records #pressagent Against PR 


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