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BAND SL THEORY ALBUM CIPHER LABEL ROAR OUT 6/12/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 When you're listening to an album like this, I believe is unnecessary to associate it to a genre..Maybe Hard Rock, maybe Prog, maybe AOR? Not..only fancy and great music with also blues and funky drops!! SL THEORY present now their best work to date, “CIPHER”, available on Dec 6th via ROAR. SL THEORY were put toghether by Sotiris Lagonikas back in 2009 as a one-man band, releasing three albums, “I”, “Progressively Dark” and “Different Space, Different Time” until 2017, when SL THEORY became a full member band with the addition of Manos Gavalas (keys), Alex Flouros / Giannis Nigdelis (guitars), Chris Kollias (bass), Mike Karasoulis (lead vocals) and Margarita Papadimitriou / Christina Alexiou / Kandia Bouzioti / Alexandros Louziotis (backing vocals) and released the live CD/DVD “Progressively Dark – A Concert For Group & String Orchestra” from the band’s concert at “Passport Live” on March 2017, where SL THEORY along with presented live their “Progressively Dark” album along with a string orchestra conducted by Maestro Yiannis Antonopoulos. As of the beginning of 2019, the backing vocals are handled by Sotiris Lagonikas / Manos Gavalas / Giannis Nigdelis along with expert vocalists Margarita Papadimitriou and Anna Tarba and “CIPHER” is the first studio album that the band recorded with this line up. The sound is really well groomed, not least vocals which provide a large number of solutions. The style is very own, even if in the harder moments the inspiration of masters such as DEEP PURPLE or URIAH HEEP is clear. SURELY INTERESTING..TO SUGGEST!! LINE UP The band: Mike Karasoulis - Lead Vocals Alex Flouros - Guitars Yiannis Nigdelis – Guitars / Backing Vocals Chris Kollias - Bass Manos Gavalas – Keyboards / Backing Vocals Sotiris Lagonikas – Drums / Backing Vocals (Lead Vocals on “The Life & Death of Mr. Ess” Part I & Part X and “If It Wasn’t For You”) The vocals: Christina Alexiou Kandia Bouzioti Alexandros Louziotis Margarita Papadimitriou Anna T. TaRba

TRACK LIST: 01. The Life & Death of Mr. Ess (13:30) Part I : New Light Part II : Colors Part III : A World Of Grey Part IV : He Part V : She Part VI : Restless Part VII : Blackness Part VIII : Reborn Part IX : The Truth Part X : Departure 02. You Never Happened (04:24) 03. Devil’s Suites (03:59) 04. Table’s Turned (03:39) 05. Grave Danger (03:24) 06. If It Wasn’t For You (02:37) 07. Anyone, Anymore (06:22) 08. If You Saw Me Dead (05:12) 09. Silence and Loneliness (03:28) 10. A Song About Nothing (04:08) 11. Happy (03:04) 12. If You Saw Me Dead (alternative version) (04:54) SL Theory ROAR - rock of angels records #pressagent Gordeon Music 


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