BAND AIRBOURNE ALBUM BONESHAKER LABEL SPINEFARM RECORDS OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 75/100 Airbourne are out for a few days with fifth album of their career, started with RUNNIN’ WILD out in 2007. Ten songs absolutely direct as ever surely son of their love for AC/DC e for classic boogie hard rock. If we wanna make a note, to remark a sound less stron than previous BREAKIN’ OUTTA HELL, one of our favs, able to transfer on full-length the wild mood that you feel watching the band live. This album is more lilting at times, as in the title track or in THIS IS OUR CITY; there is no shortage of “randy” lyrics (SEX TO GO) or more serious (WEAPON OF WAR) but they’re again able to run (ROCK’N ROLL FOR LIFE). Surely well-produced, we appreciate again the band for this undeniable coherency.


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