#review #recordoftheday BAND ANGEL WITCH ALBUM ANGEL OF LIGHT LABEL METAL BLADE RECORDS FORMAT BOX SET OUR RATING 90/100 We can’t hide at #Hardrockheavymetal the new album by ANGEL WITCH was one of the most awaited news of the year, for their undeniable contribution to NWOBHM and to all HM scene. Seven years after AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, ANGEL OF LIGHT provides eight songs where composition skills, songs and atmospheres seem to work wonderfully, thanks to a great production and to a 4-piece line up grown up playing live. DON’T TURN YOUR BACK is the first shot well-known as a video on “heavy rotations” on our pages...brilliant structure, an interesting solo part and an amazing job by rhythm section. Another well-known song is DEATH FROM ANDROMEDA, that starts direct; great the concept of the lyrics, embracing riffs..all sounds perfectly. WE ARE DAMNED is the third shot, a bit sinister, before THE NIGHT IS CALLING, with its alternating arpeggio and more classic ANGEL WITCH parts. Seven mins where the band is able to provide different vibrations. If CONDEMNED is strong and pressing, without being easy, WINDOW OF DESPAIR is surely one of our favs. Another song to listening to many times, as well as the whole album. I’AM INFAMY, so particular, precedes the title track that ends in the best way this great return. An awesome album, available in several versions; today we present you the gorgeous box set, that includes, also other gems, a limited 7 inch single. Angel Witch Metal Blade Records #pics @hardrockheavymetal 

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