BAND Phil Campbell ALBUM OLD LIONS STILL ROAR LABEL NUCLEAR BLAST OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 Yes...OLD LIONS STILL ROAR and we believe that is the proper name for this album by PHIL CAMPBELL. Helped also by his “BASTARD SONS”, in this platter he invited many friends, all musicians with different skills, in order to make this work more rich than ever. They starts with LEON STANFORD on vocals with a song where prevails acoustic guitars (ROCKING CHAIR), before STRAIGHT UP, more hard rockin, with metal god ROB HALFORD. All songs are tailor-made to the singers’ needs, and you can feel it in songs such as FAITH IN FIRE with BEN WARD of ORANGE GOBLIN, or in WALK THE TALK with NICK OLIVIERI and DANKO JONES on vocals (and amazing RAY LUZIER from KORN on drums). THESE OLD BOOTS, fresh and smart with DEE SNIDER on vocals and a stunning NEV MacDONALD on LEFT FOR THR DEAD really hit us. The jam with JOE SATRIANI, entitled TEARS FROM A GLASS EYE, ends in the best way this great platter. MAYBE IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE HISTORY OF MUSIC, BUT SURELY IT’S ALL TO ENJOY!! TO SUGGEST!! 


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