BAND Golgotha ALBUM ERASING THE PAST LABEL XTREEM MUSIC OUT 22/10/2019 OUR RATING 75/100 GOLGOTHA are back with their fourth album "Erasing the Past", out on Xtreem Music on October 22nd both on cd and vinyl. "Erasing the Past" is the band's return to a label that, then under the name of Repulse Records, released their debut EP entitled “Caves of Mind" in 1994. This new album shows two founding members Vicente Payá (guitar, also in UNBOUNDED TERROR) and Amón López (vocals), with production by Miguel Angel Riutort "Mega", at the Psychosomatic Recording Studio. Hailing from Palma de Mallorca (Spain), GOLGOTHA were founded in 1992 by Vicente Payá. In their first years of activity and with different lineups until 2005, they released several albums and EP's ("Caves of Mind" EP 1994, "Melancholy" 1995, "The Way of Confusion" EP 1997, "Elemental Changes" 1998 and "New Life" 2005). After a pause, in 2014 they were back on track again and in 2018 they released a new EP entitled "Arise". In 2019, after some lineup changes, they got in touch with drummer Tomeu Crespí and the producer, bassist and keyboardist M. Angel Riutort (Mega) to record a new album with 8 songs at Psychosomatic Recording Studios located in Mallorca. Grandiloquent and rough since first THE WAY TO YOUR SOUL (almost 8 mins), that seems a long intro for long trip. DISTORTED TEARS shows a squared riffing alternating with a sinister and contemporary environment and great changes of time. The band can be appreciated for its overall view, less for soloist ideas. We can find groovy moments, alternating with a modern vision of doom. INTERESTING. LINE UP Amón López VC Vicente Payá GT Tomeu Crespí DR recording session: M. Angel Riutort “Mega” BG KB Links: www.golgothaofficial.com www.facebook.com/GolgothaOfficialBand www.instagram.com/golgotha_band #pressagent Against PR Golgotha 

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