BAND Moon Chamber ALBUM LORE OF THE LAND LABEL NO REMORSE RECORDS OUT 10/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Marta Gabriel, singer of Crystal Viper, is surely one of best singer of last generation. MMON CHAMBER is a new project which involves cult #nwobhm guitarist of SARACEN ROB BENDELOW, keyboardist PAUL BRADDER from SARACEN too, and ANDY GREEN, drummer of Official: Pagan Altar - Alan Jones. Ten new tracks son of classic rock and hard rock of seventies, with a British touch enriched by inspiration taken from folklore history and legend.

We can find also a prog flavour, with a melodic touch that take us in another comfortable dimension. Fancy riffs, great solos, and the vibes provided by vocals of Marta, able to find at ease in different solutions. A compelling debut; we fear that will be only a side project, as often happens today. 

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