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BAND THRASHFIRE ALBUM INTO THE ARMAGEDDON LABEL XTREEM MUSIC OUT 10/10/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 THRASHFIRE, speed-thrash metal band from TURKEY, are out via XTREEM MUSIC for a few days with an album entitled INTO THE ARMAGEDDON. THRASHFIRE emerged in 2006, releasing their first demo in 2007, a promo EP in 2010 and their debut album "Thrash Burned the Hell" in 2011. In 2015, the band signed to Xtreem Music and released a new EP entitled "Vengeance of Fire". THRASHFIRE have played with bands such as Destruction, Artillery, Rumble Militia, Venom Inc, as well as numerous shows within Turkey and a mini tour in Germany in 2017, where they will return in November 2019 to play at the True Thrash Fest Hamburg. Ten songs opened by PURE DEVASTATION NECROMANCY, with its fast and furious thrash, enhanced by roaring bass and hitting drums, introducing a fist change of time, a trademark throughout all platter. Another right shot is CATACOMB that reminds somethin' from bands such as BEWITCHER; an effective solo and a good structure to enrich the song. DYBBUKIM and WISDOM OF SACRILEGIOUS are not be outdone, an infernal attack in waitin' for SUPREME COMMAND, with wild vocals, changes of time, sometimes more lilting, and another awesome solo. THROUGH THE CRIMSON DARKNESS is so various, with parts closer to thrash, to speed and to classic roots. After powerful SLAUGHTERED BY HELLGOATS, POST APOCALYPTIC HOLY TERROR, is another mad run before HIGH HEEL IN THE HELL, that gets into your bones, and the more complete title track that ends in the best way this great album!! TO SUGGEST!! Line-up Burak Tavus – Guitar/Vocals Okan Özden – Bass Gürkan Güvendik – Drums Links #pressagent Against PR 


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