BAND Panndora ALBUM URANIE LABEL Inferno records OUT 30/10/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Eingt years after their well received first full-length entitled "The Heretic's Box", Brazilian all-girl HARD-ROCK/HEAVY-METAL band PANNDORA is ready to unleash a second one called "Uranie", out via INFERNO RECORDS on October 30th. PANNDORA delivers 7 new songs and one JUDAS PRIEST cover throughout this platter. Formed 19 years ago by a group of friends who attended concerts in the city of Maringá-PR and with the idea of playing simply Heavy Metal in October 2003 the first demo was released, featuring two songs while in 2007 the band's second work, an EP, was released, with 7 songs, which would be later recorded in the band's official work. 2010 was a promising year, as it began recording its first official debut, entitled "Heretic's Box", recorded at the renowned DaTribo studio in São Paulo, with the production of Ciero and Trek Magalhães. "Heretic's Box" released in July 2011 - which most critics point out as an excellent album and heavy metal-based composition - was accepted by most metal fans from Brazil and abroad, being distributed in countries such as: Germany, France, England, Sweden, United States, Netherlands, among others. In 2012 Panndora releases the EP "Behind the Crime", releasing two video clips - "Cold Eyes" and "Partners in Crime". In 2014, the Greek label Supreme Music Creations, releases a limited edition seven-inch vinyl, being sold out in a few months in Brazil and abroad. The style of the band is absolutely personal and not easy to be classifed, and this is a rare thing in the contemporary music business. We can find somethin' tipically hard rock such as in title track or FALSE EXCUSES while is discovered the classic metal soul in COLD EYES, more traditional and with a fine solo again to remark. DEATH IS NOT THE END, which start with acoustic and vocals, is another right shot and the level is again high. Again classic metal in PARTNERS IN CRIME, with an effective riff, while the lighter THE MOORLAND. The epilogue is for a cover of ELECTRIC EYE of JUDAS PRIEST to remind us their reference points. SURELY INTERESTING! Discography + Heretic's Box (2011), Wind of Fate Records + Behind the Crime, EP (2012), Wind of Fate Records + Cold Eyes 7' (2014), Supreme Music Creations Records + The Heretic's Box Extended (2015), Non Nobis Records + URANIE (2019), Inferno Records

PANNDORA is:  Renata Paschoa (Vocals) Luana Bomb  (Guitars)  Rebecca Rastelli (Guitars) Taise Bijora (Bass)  Adrismith (Drums)

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