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BAND Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper ALBUM AT THE GATES LABEL Dissonance Productions OUT 11/10/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 And finallly is out the new album by GRIM REAPER, out via DISSONANCE last amazing news for all NWOBHM fans and not only! Today we don’t talk about the issues that involved STEVE, but we wanna celebrate the refurn to music with this brilliant full-length. A powerful production, great songs, a solid rhythm section, solos and riffs to remind..right ingredients for a tasty recipe! The first shot is the title track, a great tune where STEVE is able to manage his voice with his talent, all enhanced by hard hitting riffs and more layered arrangements. On the same way VENOM which starts in solo and confirms the high level of this line up. WHAT LIES BENEATH shows against an embracing riff with vocals on higher tones but without overdoing it, while THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE provides also drops of melody mixed with inspiration, technique and speed. Grandiloquent the riff of A KNOCK AT THE DOOR, with its 80’s flavour and amazing changes of time. A long run in RUSH, again with drops of melody followed by ONLY WHEN I SLEEP, a song that hit us for lyrics, where we can find a lot to think about.. LINE THEM UP maybe is only step behind before brilliant BREAKNECK SPEED And UNDER THE HAMMER, surely one of our favs! A warble of STEVE introduces the last one called SHADOW IN THE DARK, a bit darker, that ends in the best way this awesome return! AN AWESOME RETURN! GRIM REAPER ARE BACK!! 


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