#review BAND AMMO ALBUM TAKING THE THRONE LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 25/10/2019 (digital), 11/11/2019 (physical) OUR RATING 85/100 Ammo is a Canadian Traditional HM band alive since 2014 ready to unleash an interesting EP entitled TAKING THE THRONE, available on current month digitally and on Nov 11th physically. TOMBSTONE CITY is the first shot that starts with a classic and squared attack; all sounds great and it’s perfect for us, fans of the best tradition of our loved music. Gallops, roaring bass, pressing drums, brilliant solos..right ingredients for a right recipe! Another traditional song is INTO DEATH, son of best Maiden at times..powerful and fast!. The title track, with a great drums job, reminds us vibes of first TYGERS OF PAN TANG and solo is always eccellent. HAMMER is an anthem more classic that ever; avalaible as bonus a version of the well known TOO METAL FOR METAL, an amazing one. A BAND TO KEEP EN EYE ON! TO SUGGEST! #pics Band’s FB 

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