BAND WASTED ALBUM ELECTIFIED LABEL DENOMINATION RECORDS OUT 18/10/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 Denmark's Classic masters are ready to unleash their new beast entitled ELECTIFIED, their third platter after a long 30 year hiatus and a reunion in 2013. A new line-up became a reality in 2017 and Wasted decided to re-record and release their two early albums "Halloween... the Night Of", from 1984, and "Final Convulsion", released the year after. This re-recording saw new arrangements and a brand new track, which is also the title-track of the band's new release, "Electrified". To fire up one of the songs from the new album, guest vocalists Martin Steene and Nicklas Sonne are to be found in the track "Evil", which video also sees the four-year-old Lucy Mørkedal preforming her first act as the main actress in a Wasted horror story. They start with HALLOWEEN, with its sinister environment ed evocative vocals; great changes of time and a great solo to enrich this song. ELECTRIFIED, after a soft arpeggio, introduces a break so traditional and classic, with roaring bass and hitting drums. CHAINED is pressing and it’s another right shot..squared and full of fantasy. Several solutions and another inspired and technical solo. Wilder next DEMONS RE-CALLING, with furious drummin’ and a Motörhead flavour, while AGE OF FLOWER shows more lilting rhythms and a large range of solutions. After great FORCES OF EVIL, it’s time for the assault of EVIL. After the more squared YOUR OWN PRIVATE PAIN, OUGHT TO BE BAD is another direct kick in the teeth that reminds us vibes of new lion such as BEWITCHER. TOYS is the last shot to end in the best way this brilliant album. NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST!!! Line-up: Thomas X GT T. Pedersen GT C. Jepsen BG Alex Mars DR M. Sonne VC #pressagent Against PR 


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