BAND GRENDEL SYSTER ALBUM MYRTLE WREATH/MYRTEANKRANZ EP OUT 1/10/2019 LABEL SELF RELEASE OUR RATING 82/100 GRENDEL'S SYSTER style was described as a great mix between BLACK SABBATH and FAIRPORT CONVENTION..crazy but right, with a fancy balance of epic metal, doom and folk. This album shows both english and german language vs of the songs. The influences are several, throughout Rainbow, Otyg and Triakel. Since the release of ORPHIC GOLD LEAVES (EP out last year) the style of the band has not changed but enriched. We can find multi-layered vocals, catchy guitar leads and maybe would be interesting seein' more solo parts. It's avalaible CD version and digital; in early 2020 is scheduled the vinyl version via HOOVE CHILD RECORDS. TO SUGGEST!

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