BAND Stormburner ALBUM SHADOW RISING LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 6/12/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 STORMBURNER, swedish HM band, is ready to unleash their debut album entitled "Shadow Rising", out on December 6th via Pure Steel Records (will be available on CD/Vinyl/Digital). This album consists of 10 tracks of classic heavy metal with well groomed vocals and epic atmospheres. It was recorded and produced by Ronny Hemlin (Tad Morose, Steel Attack) who pushed the band to their very limits and made sure that the outcome results over expectations. The cover artwork was created by Ken Kelly (MANOWAR, KISS, RAINBOW) captures the essence of what band is, reflecting the sound as well as the atmosphere. The first shot is WE BURN, which starts classic and strong; pressing and led by voice of MIKE STARK, powerful, confident but not aggressive. Cutting riffs and a great central solo..surely a great beginning! Less fast next METAL IN THE NIGHT, strong and powerful with a great gallop that develops itself in an inspired solo. At times influenced by PRIESTS the title track, a top song, while DEMON FIRE, opened by a fancy arpeggio, shows a squared remark again well-groomed vocals and backing vocals and impeccables solos. More epic RAGNAROCK and MEN AT ARMS before attacks of EYE OF THE STORM and INTO THE STORM , more classic than ever! RUNE OF THE DEAD reminds us the MANOWAR of the best times, while ODE TO WAR, epic but with rhythms less force, ends in the best way this great platter.


TRACKLISTING 1. We Burn 2. Metal In The Night 3. Shadow Rising 4. Demon Fire 5. Ragnarök 6. Men At Arms 7. Eye Of The Storm 8. Into The Storm 9. Rune Of The Dead 10. Ode To War LINE-UP Mike Stark LV Tommi Korkeamäki RG Mats Hedström LG Tommy Jee BG Stefan Essmyren DR

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