BAND Vastator ALBUM GENTLEMEN'S CLUB LABELInferno records OUT 30/10/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Long-awaited new album "Gentlemen's Club" by Chilean HM band  VASTATOR will see the light of day on OCTOBER 30th 2019 via INFERNO Records. It took them almost 10 years to give birth to "Machine Hell" follower, a period during which the band went through various line-up changes. Vastator is one of the most classic heavy metal bands in Chile, they're back from the 80's stronger than ever. Formed on 1986 by Nelson (A.K.A. Rob Díaz) D'Aldunce (vocals) and Sergio Bustamante (guitars) and Gerardo Barrenechea (durms), they unleashed "Inconsciencia Asesina" their first demo. By 1989 Vastator presented "Máxima Entropía" their second demo with the original Vastator style, mixing thrash and classic heavy metal. Máxima Entropía was a success and Vastator was considered one of the best metal bands from South America by specialized media. After the Entropitour (Argentina, Perú and Chile) Vastator disappears in 1989 and the members start with solo projects. After nine years in 1998 Vastator return and edited a new album called "Guía Para Odiar a tu Prójimo". That's a compilation from their previous material and unreleased and new songs. The Vastator reunion line-up was the original: Sr. Díaz (vocals) Sergio Bustamante (guitars) Paquete Hormazabal (bass) Gerardo Barrenechea (drums): Since 1998 Vastator has presented a lot of albums, tours and collaborations with blazing metal stars from all over the world as Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper), Erico La Bestia (Dantesco), Mike Chlasciak (Halford), Verónica Freeman (Benedictum), Pablo Soler (Tren Loco) and others. Now it's time for a new platter that contains seven songs, an intro and a cover of a classic GRIM REAPER as ROCK YOU TO HELL. Black shades in MERIDIAN, a strong classic metal song, with a great solo and vocals with great solutions. Classic and epic at times in next song called PSW and another confirm is MIDNIGHT TRAIN, with a structure more complex. Pressing and classic also NAUTILUS while THE HORDE is a song which grows second after second with an epic of our favs! After great NIGHT AND DAY it's time for more thrashy ALL FOR ONE, maybe reminding the roots of the band. The last shot is the abovementioned tribute to STEVE GRIMMETT and his band. SURELY TO SUGGEST!!

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