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BAND PHOENIX TITAN ALBUM AVATAR OF FIRE LABEL Inverse Records OUT 27/9/2019 OUR RATING 81/100 Phoenix Titan are an HM five-piece group from finland on the road since 2014 but with all band members with 20 years experience of recording and playing live on several bands. The debut album is entitled ”Avatar of Fire” and it was out on September 27th 2019 via Inverse Records. The recording of the album began on summer 2017 and the final studio tracks were recorded early 2019. The album is recorded and produced by Aksu Hanttu (S-Tool, Tuoni, Entwine) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers. Common denominator on all of the album tracks is catchy riffs and melodies well-mixed with right energy. They start with TORMENT OF VANITY that shows a fresh and modern attitude, even in the presence of a classic foundation. Not bad next METAL SHARK that reminds vibes inspired from first SAXON, while ACCUSED shows sharp riffs and a contemporary touch and interesting solo parts. On the same way RIDE FOR VENGEANCE, while WILL I EVER FIND MY PEACE? provides classic epic drops and thoughtful moments. Stronger and sinister and with a brilliant solo NAPALM PHOENIX, maybe a step behind (IN)SANITY while more remarkable is THE GAME, squared and heavier in the second slice and with a solo against to remind. CHOSEN ONE is the last shot to end in the best way this great platter! Another band to keep an eye on!!

Line up Harri Ahola - VC Santtu Rautiainen - GT Topi Vuorela - GT Tatu Rautiainen - DR Juhana ”Jusa” Ovaska - BG LINKS: #pressagent Label 

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