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BAND Woodhawk ALBUM VIOLENT NATURE LABEL SELF-RELEASE OUT 1/11/2019 OUR RATING 75/100 WOODHAWK, after their 2017 debut album "Beyond The Sun", are ready to return with a new self-released full-lenght entitled VIOLENT NATURE, out on Nov 1st. On this album, Woodhawk steps away from the science fiction themes evident on their previous release 2017's "Beyond The Sun" and takes a more therapeutic turn with an expressive honest view into members' life. Putting a lot of time and production into the new album with producer Jesse Gander (Rain City Recorders), Woodhawk has worked really hard to capture energy and emotion. Violent Nature shows a darker direction for the band and influences are various since first SNAKE IN THE GRASS, closer to classic HM and also to classic HR. A large range of solutions, with heavy riffs but also more thoughtful moments. We would have preferred to have more solo parts to enrich every songs but anyway this platter shows places of interest. 

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