BAND POWER THEORY ALBUM FORCE OF WILL LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 6/12/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 POWER THEORY are ready to unleash a new beast entitled FORCE OF WILL, out via PURE STEEL RECORDS On Deceber 6th. And this is a great news for all fans of classic and US Power Metal because an album by PT is a warranty of fancy music!! With 2019 coming to an end the quintet from Philadelphia is set to release its most powerful and ambitious yet, "Force Of Will", with several important changes in the band's lineup. Guitarist Bob Ballinger along with new guitarist Carlos Alvarez (SHADOWDANCE) unleash an onslaught of powerful riffs and epic melodies, all enhanced by vocals of new frontman Jim Rutherford. Rounding out the revamped lineup, new drummer Johnny Sasso elevates the music with precision and right attitude. A band with the right attitude where classic metal mood is well mixed with best US POWER, epic drops, whole thing enhanced by a production that makes all fresh. Add to all that the legendary Piet Sielck (IRON SAVIOR) is special a guest on the song "Spitting Fire". Almost an our with one intro and 11 songs opened by the title track, which starts fast and strong, classic with epic and power drops. DRAUGR goes on loud and proud on the same way with solos always shining and the flavour of best SAXON at times. Another classic shot is IF FOREVER ENDS TODAY followed by MOUNTAIN OF DEATH, stronger and more lilting. Vocals are stunning, with the right dose of epic and melody. ALBION shows a bit of melody too and grows second after second with emphasis, before riffing develops itself in somethin' stronger..great changes of time and several solutions in one of our favs episodes of the platter! TH13TEEN is really interesting, with some acoustic in the first seconds before abovementioned SPITTING FIRE, a long run with amazing structures. BRINGER OF RAIN hit us with melodies, lilting at times and great changes of time..solos are again to remind! We go on PAITH OF GLORY, powerful "classic'n'power", SHADOW OF MAN and THE HILL I DIE ON, a brilliant shot to end in the best way this great platter! TO SUGGEST!! NO DOUBT!! TRACKLIST 1. Morior Invictus 2. Force Of Will 3. Draugr 4. If Forever Ends Today 5. Mountain Of Death 6. Albion 7. Th13teen 8. Spitting Fire 9. Bringer Of Rain 10. Path Of Glory 11. Shadow Of Man 12. The Hill I Die On Total Playing Time: 56:51 min

LINE-UP Jim Rutherford VC Robert Ballinger Jr GT BV Carlos Alvarez GT BV Alan D'Angelo BG BV Johnny Sasso DR BV Special guest: Piet Sielck - vocals on "Spitting Fire" www.powertheory.net https://www.facebook.com/POWERTHEORY1/ https://powertheory.bandcamp.com/ #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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